Costs of Services

Regarding Costs for our Services:  Training:   SPECIAL OFFER FOR ANY TRAINING OUTSIDE OF CANADA...

  • For groups or families living outside of Canada that need training (either for a Workshop or for a Distance Program for their child), ABC is giving a special offer of 1 day for FREE out of a 3, 4, or 5 day training (get a 3-day training for the price of 2 days; get a 4-day training for the price of 3 days, or get a 5-day training for the price of 4 days) -- this is not a permanent offer, so please contact us soon about this offer for our training and distance program training.

Our Workshops and Training....

  • World-wide trainings (depending on whether one or two day) have set pricing.  Please contact us at:  for more detailed pricing information.
  • For any training that occurs outside of the driving range of ABC Consulting (Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver Area including the Fraser Valley) there will be the cost of air flights for the Director and Program Manager.
  • Training within driving range will be charged a fee for travel based on travel time one-way.

Early Intervention Program Costs:

  • Prices are based on the Director's hourly rate (contact us for more information)
  • Prices for the Program Manager are based on her hourly rate (contact us for more information)
  • The Behavior Consultant (Director) will provide the assessment, analysis of data, writing of reports, creation of programming, and training of BIs (therapists) and family (basic training).
  • The Program Manager will provide the 1:1 training of the BIs (therapists) and the family; will create the program binder and do monthly maintenance on the binder including pulling the data together for the Behavior Consultant; will provide the shadowing of all BIs (therapists); will provide monthly assistance with the program.
  • Set pricing is available for beginning curriculum for our: 
  1. Early Learner's Programming (Based on the ABLLS-R and BLA Assessments)
  2. Intermediate Learner's Programming (Based on the ABLLS-R Assessment)
  3. Advanced Learner's Programming  (Based on the ABLLS-R Assessment)
  • Please contact us at:  for more details.
  • Various training options are available for families within driving range.
  • For families outside driving range: There will be "set" training week-ends or week-days (2 or 3 days in a row or up to 5 days if necessary) for the initial training to start up the program.
  • For families outside of driving range:  Follow-up training and observation of interventionists (therapists) must occur every 3 months and would be initially conducted through direct contact with the family.  Once the program is established and the interventionists (therapists) are completely trained, video tapes can be provided on a monthly basis for review by the Director, and either web conferencing or teleconferencing can be used for team meetings on a monthly basis.  Direct contact with the family and interventionists will be required at least twice per year.  This is to ensure that your home program is running and efficiently and effectively as possible.

School Age Program:

  • Prices are based on the Director's hourly rate
  • Prices for Program Manager are based on their hourly rate
  • Curriculum prices vary depending on the goals of the family
  • The family can request a complete ABLLS-R program (as is used in the early intervention programming) OR
  • Families can have a program based on particular goals that are chosen by the family (behavioral goals, social skills, particular academic goals, daily living skills, etc.)

Distance Programs:

  • Costs are based on a yearly contract, renewable once the year is completed
  • All encompassing Distance Program Package costs:  $5500.00 CA PLUS the cost of the initial training
  • Any "extra services" requested by the family will be billed on a hourly basis

Training Options for Distance Programs:

  1. We come to you: In Person 1:1 Intensive Training: Travel expenses (usually by air) for the Behavior Consultant & the Program Manager.  Cost for training is based on the length of the stay.

Coming Soon:

Video Training:  This includes costs of the DVD set PLUS 2 - two, 1- hour video conferencing sessions (one with the Consultant and one with the Program Manager) PLUS - 2 - one hour phone conferences (one with the Consultant and one with the Program Manager). 

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