ABC's Early Intervention Home Program & School Age Home Program Information



The ABC Process for your child’s Early Intervention Program


Phase 1 – Consultation & Assessment                          Months 1 & 2   15-25 Hours


1 – 1.5 hour complimentary consultation with Michele and your family in your home.  Date for consultation meeting: ______________________


YES to ABC, Sign the Contract.  Due Date for Program: _________________________

                                                         Due Date for BPI:  _____________________________

Multi-environment Assessment in the following environments:

-          Home 

-          School 

-          Community (if requested by the family) 


Program and BPI (report) Written Based on Assessments                                 


Phase 2 - Training                                                                       Month 2    12-20 Hours


If requested, a Family Meeting takes place, conducted by Michele to provide information and support to family members and friends regarding their child’s specific behavior concerns and specific needs.

Michele conducts the training for the family and the entire “team”  in Behaviors, ABA and Verbal Behavior in “user-friendly” language and teaches families how to use ABA in their everyday lives.


Michele trains the family and BI’s in the child’s specific program curriculum based on the assessment of the ABLLS-R.                                                     



Phase 3 – Program Implementation and Progress Meetings  

                                          Starting in Month 2 or 3 & every month during the program


Behavior Interventionists begin to see the client for therapy sessions on a daily or weekly bases (determined by the parents).


Program implementation and data collection occur within each therapy session.


Michele meets with the team on a monthly basis (may be every 2nd month if so determined by the progress of the team and the child) to review progress, teach new programs, and discuss any problems that may have occurred.




Phase 4 – Progress Reports and Re-Assessment 

                                                           Ongoing until otherwise requested by the parents


Your child is re-assessed every 12 months and necessary changes are made to the child’s program.


If requested by parents, monthly progress reports are supplied by ABC regarding what changes and progress has occurred within their child’s program and with their “team” each month.






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