Our UK ABA Program
Our UK ABA Program

Our UK ABA Program

Meet ABC's UK Program Manager:  Kate Kape, BCaBA

  • Kate Kape is ABC's newest Program Manager and is a Board Certified Associate Behavior Consultant. 
  • Kate has a certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Cardiff University in Wales and is just completing her M.Sc.
  • Kate lives in the Hampshire/Surrey border area of the UK and works with children and families with autism and other developmental and learning disabilities in the area.
  • Kate is working under the Supervision of our BCBA Clinical Director, Michele L. Anderson.


Our UK ABA Programming Options:

  • We understand how expensive qualified ABA home programs can get and so we are offering options to families in the UK in order to provide the best practices along with qualified individuals who will work with and train your family.  
  •  You can learn more information on Board Certified Behaviour Analysts on the BACB website:  www.bacb.com 
  1. Option 1:  BCBA Supervision via encoded video conferencing and  secure FTP data transfer technology.   You will also get a qualified Program Manager to work with your family in the UK
  2. Option 2:  In Person BCBA Assessment, Training and Consultation and a qualified Program Manager to continue to work with your family in the UK while your program is maintained by our BCBA Consultant via video conferencing and secure FTP data transfer technology.  The BCBA would also be available to come to the UK for re-assessment every 6-12 months as required


More Information Coming Soon!

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