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early intervention program 

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 Early Intervention Program: Ages 2-7 years

 Functional Assessments

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Early Intervention Program: Ages 2-7 years:  Includes: 


  • Functional Assessment (when required)
  • Individualized ABA programming based on the ABLLS-R and VB MAPPS
  • ABA & verbal behavior training for family and interventionists
  • Monthly team meetings to review progress
  • Written report for the Ministry (if you have funding from the BC government)
  • All programming based on ABA and Best Practices for children with autism
  • New programs as your child masters their current program
  • Re-assessment every 12 months (12 months as required by the Ministry (BC)
  • If requested by the family:  A Skill Tracking Graph after every assessment so that you have a visual representation of your child's progress
  • Liason with child's school in order to integrate the home and school programming

Functional Assessments:

  • You can hire our BCBA to come and complete a functional assessment for any problem behaviors your child engages in
  • This includes:
  • Several observation periods in various environments in which your child engages in (and a couple where your child does not engage in) the problem behavior (observations range in time from 2 - 4 hours each)
  • A functional assessment interview (FAST)
  • A brief report outlining the function of the behaviors, competing behaviors to teach, and behavior protocols to implement
  • One of our Program Managers will come train you in the behavior protocols and how to implement them with your child
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On-line Consultation via Skype:

  • You can contact our BCBA to have an on-line consultation using Skype
  • If you have questions you would like to have answered regarding your child's behavior or your verbal behavior program - you can set up an on-line consultation with Michele Anderson through Skype
  • Michele will offer one hour or two hour consultations at her hourly fee (contact us for hourly fees)
  • Contact us through email at:  michele@andersonbehaviorconsulting.com to set up an appointment


To hire ABC to perform a workshop in your area - please use our "contact us" page and include in your message: interest in ABC workshop in our area.  Also, please tell us where you are located and the potential dates that you are looking at for this workshop to take place!

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