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Verbal Behavior ABA is our protocol.

See the difference Verbal Behavior can make for your child with autism!

ABC Inc. where we strive for EXCELLENCE!

New:  ABC now has Behavior Interventionists (BIs)

ABC Inc. now has it's own Behavior Interventionists (BIs) trained by Michele Anderson and Elisa Hill in ABA and Verbal Behavior.  When you hire us, you get a well trained team.

New:  ABC is now Serving the Yukon:

ABC Inc. is proud to serve the children and youth in the Yukon Territory providing quality ABA/Verbal Behavior Programming.

At ABC Consulting:   We specialize in Autism, ABA, Verbal Behavior & Early Intervention Programs:

Our Core Beliefs:
  • We believe in your child's full potential. It's about the child first, then the autism.
  • We believe autism does not define the child.
  • We believe in unlimited learning potential of a child with autism.
    We believe to Teach and Train the Family is what produces lasting results!
  • We believe in families and teaching the family.  We want to give the power back to the family!
  • We believe in Verbal Behavior
  • We believe: Best practices produces best results.

Mom & Daughter

Our mission:     

  • To promote your child's progress by using the empirically tested techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

We offer: 

  • Individulized ABA early intervention programs created by a BCBA for your child with autism that will promote the growth and development of your childs academic, behavioral and social skills. 
  •  A range of behavioral services by our behavior consultant to promote success for children with autism, including ABA, behavior assessments, functional assessment/analysis; communication training, using a Verbal Behavior Protocol, by teaching vocal behavior, as well as sign language &/or picture symbols depending on your childs needs & preferences. 
  • For Behaviours:  Our focus is a Functional Assessment Approach to decrease or eliminate problem behaviors, while replacing them with more socially appropriate behaviors.
  • A Choice of:
  • A TEAM APPROACH -- our team consists of a BCBA Behavior Consultant, a Sr. BI and BIs.
  • OR PARENT LED PROGRAM -- our BCBA and Sr. BI train you how to work with your child using Verbal Behavior protocols.
  • Senior BIs and BIs:  Well trained Senior Behavior Interventionists (Sr. BIs) and Behavior Interventionists (BIs) who have been trained in ABA and Verbal Behavior by either or both Michele Anderson and/or Elisa Hill.
  • BCBA & BCaBA students:  We have students who are studying to become BCBA's and BCaBA's who work as our Sr. BIs and our committed to our level of Excellence!

Areas Served:

  • In the Lower Mainland:  Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford Areas
  • In the Interior of B.C.:  Kamloops and surrounding areas, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Chase, Vernon and surrounding areas.



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